Attempted illegal importation of anabolic steroids and medicaments for sexual power was prevented at Kapitan Andreevo



The smuggled anabolic steroids were found by customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint in a car with Bulgarian registration entering the country. On a "risk analysis" method the vehicle "Mercedes" was selected for detailed check. Between the seats were found wrapped in plastic packages 2000 tablets 'Anapolon' and 410 ampules "Primobolan Depot". The tablet and ampoules are owned by the traveling in the car 43 years old Bulgarian citizen S.H. The detected by the customs officers anabolic steroids serve as a weight gain and rapid growth of muscle mass, and are dangerous if taken without prescription and supervision. "Primobolan Depot" is the most common replacement for nandrolone "Anapolon" is held up as the most powerful oral anabolic steroid. It is very toxic to the liver.

In another case, the customs inspectors found medicinal products for virility. The cargo truck "MAN" with Turkish registration, traveling from Turkey to France, driven by a Turkish citizen arrives at the Kapitan Andreevo  checkpoint with proper documents for goods carried. The driver of the truck declares to customs officials and 80 boxes of cigarettes without excise labels. Although the documents provided the truck is diverted for a detailed check whereby was found that between the cab and the engine are concealed four plastic bags. Inside were found pills for sexual power: 1700 tablets' Sindenafil "and 119 sachets" Kamagra "and 180 boxes of cigarettes without excise labels.

The driver of the lorry and the Bulgarian citizen traveling in the car were drawn up acts under the Customs Act and the drugs were detained.