Customs and border officials seized about 55 kg of heroin at border checkpoints Danube Bridge


Rousse customs and border police seized approximately 55 kilograms of heroin at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint. The consignment divided into 50 packages, was found in Tyre with foreign registration carrying textiles and spare parts from Turkey to countries of Western Europe.
The truck, driven by a Greek citizen, tried to leave Bulgaria through the Danube Bridge border checkpoint just before midnight. Along with the driver also traveled Bulgarian citizen. The vehicle is directed for scanning with mobile X-ray equipment at Customs Ruse. In examining with a scanner customs officials noticed unusual cargo in the cab. This entails a detailed check of the truck. Upon examination, the inspectors found under the bed in the driver's cab а large bag and a suitcase full of packages wrapped with gray silver tape. For the case are notified immediately investigating customs inspector and duty prosecutor. It was found that 50 packages with a total weight of 54.737 kg were hidden in the suitcase and the bag. All packets contain a beige powder which reacts to heroin. According to preliminary calculations, the value of the drug is about 2.74 million levs.
The driver and his companion were detained in custody under police order. The case was taken by the District Investigation Service - Ruse.