Officers from Svilengrad customs and Terriotorial directorate „National security” / Haskovo/ seized 10 kg of heroin at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint



Just  over  10 kg of  heroin seized customs officers and Terriotorial directorate „National security „ /Haskovo/ at Kapitan Andreevo  border.  Heroin was found in the entry into the country a car driven by a Serbian citizen. Vehicle is diverted to a detailed check where it was found that under textile floor coverings to the front seats of  the car is specially built secret compartments . In the driver's seat to stash found 20 pcs. packages in the form of regular parallelepiped wrapped with clear tape . The packages contain a beige powder with a total gross - weight 10.274 kg , which when tested with field narkotest respond to heroin.

A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case under Art. 242 par. 4 doors paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code.

In the ensuing operational search activities is established Bulgarian citizen , assistant driver of the car. Two persons were arrested  for 24 hours.