Undeclared currency seized by Customs Officers at Lesovo


Undeclared currency to the amount of BGN 111 637 was seized by Customs Officers at Lesovo checkpoint. €57 080 was found during a customs check on a truck with Turkish registration. Undeclared currency was concealed in the truck cab. The violator was a Turkish citizen.

Two other attempts for undeclared currency smuggling were prevented by Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo checkpoint in recent days. € 34 900 were seized from two Bulgarian citizens, traveling by car. The total amount of the confiscated currencies is € 91 980.

The Burgas Customs officials remind all the passengers that a person entering or leaving the EU territory can carry in cash non-declarable amount of maximum € 10,000 (or equivalent). The exceeding amount of cash has to be declared at the Customs authorities, regarding the Currency Act and the existing Regulation 1889/2005 of the EU.