Mobile customs teams and customs officers of customs house Svilengrad at joint check seized nearly 20 000 liters of fuel



Nearly 20,000 liters of fuel seized in joint check team of mobile customs teams at Central Customs Directorate and customs officers at customs house Svilengrad. At checks carried out in the gas station located in the town Lubimets was found dug in the ground tank with a  total of 19,474 liters yellowish liquid with the smell of diesel. The owner of the gas station has not submitted documents certifying payment, charge or security of excise duty. The liquid was seized in storage on customs house of Svilengrad. Samples were taken for laboratory analysis and expertise.

12 900 BGN is the excise duty on such amount of diesel fuel. In proving the infringement station owner will pay double the amount of excise duty or near 25 800 BGN and goods in violation will be confiscated by the State.