Skimming devices have been found and detained on Border Crossing Point “Vidin – Dunav most”


During a combined action between officials of Vidin Customs House, State Аgency for National Security and GD "Border Police", with the assistance of Ministry of Interior, and under the guidance of District Prosecutor` s Office, has been revealed and cut off an attempt for trafficking of electronic components, which are more popular under the name of skimming devices.

During the inspection of a car, under Bulgarian registration, which has been trying to leave Bulgaria through BCP "Vidin - Dunav most", in the factorial cavity of the dashboard, have been found and detained four full sets for draining ATM machines, contained two "mouths" for installing on the ATM ways in, three "readers" with USB ways out, four skimmer plates with installed on them 4 micro-video cameras for recording PIN-codes and three micro SD cards, placed inside. Electronic components for data storage with its own loading, batteries, a card reader for micro SD cards and SIM cards, two metal plates, meant for adulteration of the payment instruments, have also been found.

In the car and inside the personal luggage of the two passengers have been found and seized a laptop, USB for mobile internet with a SIM card of a foreign mobile operator, 4 USB flash memory and SIM cards, GPS navigation systems, cell phones and instruments for skimming devices` s fixation to the ATM machines.

A pretrial procedure for a committed crime, according to the laws of the Penal code, has been processed. For a period 24 hours two Bulgarian citizens have been arrested