Customs officials detained nearly 12 boxes of illegal cigarettes in stashes inside cars



Statements for violation of the Law have been processed on Yugozapadna and Vidin Customs Houses


Nearly 10 boxes of illegal cigarettes have been detained by customs officials of Yugozapadna Customs House on the BCP Oltomanci. The cigarettes have been hidden in a specially created stash in the bottom of the car, which have been driven by a Bulgarian citizen. The man was heading to Bulgaria. The customs officials have taken out from the stash 4900 boxes of the brand "Merilyn", with 20 peaces of cigarettes in each box. They have been meant for DUTY FREE trade. All the 98 000 peaces of cigarettes were confiscated. A pretrial on Yugozapadna Customs House has been processed.

Two boxes (200 000 peaces) of cigarettes without a bulgarian excise banderole, have been found by a mobile operative customs team of Vidin Customs House in a cooperative check action with the border police officials in the area of Danube Bridge 2.The cigarettes have been hidden in a specially created stash in the baggage section of the bulgarian registrated car, trying to reach Italy. All the three passengers in the automobile were Bulgarian citizens.

The case was given to a customs investigation officer, a pretrial procedure has been processed and the smuggled goods were seized.