Unreported shoes and clothes with labels of popular brands were seized by customs officials of BCP Kapitan Andreevo


During a customs inspection of a TIR truck with Turkish license plate, conveying goods from Turkey to Austria, customs officials of BCP Kapitan Andreevo found and seized

3050 pairs of orthopedic shoes without a transit declaration form. A pretrial procedure against the driver has been processed.

3 400 textile items - women`s dresses and leggings, with a suspicion for a violation of intellectual property rights of the brands „Dior", „Michael Cors" and „Zara", were seized by the customs officials on BCP Kapitan Andreevo. The illegal goods were found in a TIR truck with Polish license plate, travelling from Turkey to Poland. During the customs inspection of the truck, the customs officials found 2260 women`s dresses and 1 140 women`s leggings of the above-mentioned brands. The illegal goods were seized and the rights owners of the brands were informed.