Vanyo Tanov is taking the management of the National Customs Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria



The minister of Finance, Roumen Porozhanov, has dismissed Pavel Tonev from the position Director General of the National Customs agency and has hired Vanyo Tanov, who has got the right qualities and experience to manage the institution.

The change is done by the reason of the reported lag in the incomes, administrated by the customs. Considering the fact that there is a short time left until the end of the budget year, there must be taken urgent and adequate measures for improving the quality of the customs work, which contains taking effective control on the excise goods, empowering the efforts in the fight with the smuggling, and realization of better effectiveness in the interaction with the institutions of Ministry of Interior and National Revenue Agency, which will have to lead up to increasing of the collecting the incomes.

Vanyo Tanov served as a Director General of the National Customs Agency from 6 August 2009 to 21 August 2013. Under his management in the agency were brought in positive practices, which led to increase in the effectiveness of the administration`s actions in enforcing the customs and tax law, and also to increasing of the collecting of the income.


Vanyo Tanov was born on 22ndof September 1958 in Montana. He finished his education from High school of Mathematics and then, in 1981 he graduated from Russe University as an engineer. From 1985 to 2007 Vanyo Tanov worked in the Ministry of Interior and he went through every position from operative officer to general.

He has been awarded and promoted many times. In 2004, with a Decree, signed by the President, Vanyo Tanov was honored with the title "General" by the Ministry of Interior. In 2005 he was hired as a Director of the National Service for Fight against Organized Crime (later renamed to Main Directorate for Fight against Organized crime) within Ministry of Interior. In 2007 he resigned. Vanyo Tanov has completed a course for managerial duties in the Academy of Ministry of Interior, has been specializing in the United States (Secret Service) and Netherlands, he also has taken part of International Expert Groups in the countries of EU and Russia, concerning problems of the terrorism and corruption.

Married, with two sons.