Bozhidar Aleksov and Rozalia Dimitrova were designated as the new Deputy Directors of the National Customs Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria



With an ordinance of the Minister of Finance, Roumen Porozhanov, as Deputy Directors were designated Bozhidar Aleksov and Rozalia Dimitrova. They were chosen by the Director General of the Customs Agency, Vanyo Tanov.

Bozhidar Aleksov had been a Director of the direction "Excise" within the National Customs. He is an expert with a long-standing experience in the customs and tax matter. Rozalia Dimitrova has been managing the direction "Customs regimes and procedures" within the Central Customs Directorate since 2011. The two of them started their careersin the customs administration in 1991.

The former Deputy Director, Chavdar Vasev, was dismissed at his request.