5 184 liters of illegal alcohol, found behind non-alcoholic beverages, seized customs officers at BCP Kulata



5 184 liters of illegal alcohol seized officers of Yugozapadna Customs House in the area of BCP Kulata. The alcohol was contained in one liter bottles and was found in a truck, travelling to Greece. The illegal good was hidden behind a „wall" of non-alcoholic drinks and is owned by a greek citizen. The bottles were labeled, but had no excise banderole. During the inspection of the truck, the customs officers found 300 cases of vodka, 57 cases of liquor, 20 cases of rum, 10 cases of gin, 5 cases of absinthe, and 49 more cases of beverages with indistinct origin with a high volume of alcohol content.


A pretrial procedure was processed on the case.