Customs officials detected an unauthorized use of 851 tons of marked fuel in Perushtica and Peshtera



After a conducted analysis of inspected fuels, taken out from tax warehouses on a territory of Stolichna Customs House, the customs experts found out that the true purpose of the fuel was faked. It turned out that the fuel was falsely reported like one, which will be used for heating timber in dryers in cities Perushtica and Peshtera. Hereby the pay of a part of the excise could be avoided, because in this case the fuel will be taxed with a rate of 50 BGN, instead of 645 BGN per ton. In the moment in Plovdiv Customs House there is 13 tons of marked diesel fuel, which was confiscated on suspicion of improper categorization.

The conducted analyzes show that from the beginning of the year until now, 5 related companies have used 851 500 liters of marked fuel. They have declared that the fuel is used for drying of timber, but during the customs inspections, which have been done, was found out that the machines in the dryers could not work with diesel. In one of the inspected warehouses the customs officials found an overground fuel tank, connected to a gas dispenser with equipment for loading vehicles.

This criminal scheme has lead to a damage for the government budget in amount of 506 000 BGN from unpaid excise taxes.