Large quantity of 198 kg of heroin is found by customs officers of Vidin Customs House



On September 6th 2014 in the area of Danube Bridge 2 a mobile team of Vidin Customs House stopped for a customs check a truck with Polish license plate, driven by a Polish citizen. According to the submitted documents, the truck was conveying goods from Turkey to Poland.

During the customs inspection the whole truck was unloaded and in the 34 cases, contained towels, were found 198 kg of heroin. The drug was hidden in specially made stashes in the bottoms of the cases loaded with towels.

According to the prices of the domestic distribution the value of the seized heroin is in amount of 20 million BGN. An instant actions of initiating investigations and legal proceedings were taken by the customs officials under the supervision of the District Prosecutor`s Office Vidin.