Vehicle with smuggled tobacco for hookahs and fake goods seized the customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP



Attempt to transfer 129 kg smuggle tobacco for hookahs textiles and perfumes counterfeit world famous brands prevented by the customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo checpoint. Customs officers selected for scrutiny truck with Turkish registration, traveling from Turkey to Bosna and Herzegovina. The driver has submitted documents for provided the transport of 110 varions goods packed in 341 boxes. Because of suspected undeclared goods, the truck is directed to X-ray check and then was made a physical check of the load compartment. It was found that among the goods declared have and 129 kg smuggle tobacco for hookahs. In examining the customs officers found more 240 T-shirts and football kits, bearing the logo of Adidas and Nike, as well as 145 perfumes and toilet waters of different brands. Tobacco products and goods were seized.

At driver of the truck, a Turkish citizen with, the initials H. G. was drawn up Akt

A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case.