During a special operation were seized 46 kg of heroin



On august 24.08.2014 a Mercedes car with a Belgian license plate, driven by a Turkish citizen, living in Belgium, was selected for excise goods check by officials of Border Police - Elhovo.

Later, during the customs inspection, executed by officials of Svilengrad Customs House, inside the back seat and in a stash under the bottom of the car were found 65 packages of  heroin with brut weight of 33 501 kg, meant to be transported to Netherlands.

A pretrial procedure was initiated on the case.

The organizer of the drug smuggling, a Turkish citizen, living in Belgium was detained on 28.08.2014 on the territory of Haskovo. During the additional actions on the investigation, were found more 12 806 kg of heroin.

The value of the seized heroin is over 5, 7 million BGN.

The offenders were accused pursuant to the laws of the Penal Code.