Unreported € 36 150 was found by the customs officials at BCP Kalotina



The customs officials at BCP Kalotina found unreported € 36 150, stashed in a Turkish citizen`s clothes, who also has a Dutch citizenship. Using the risk analysis method, the customs officials have chosen an entering the country BMW car for a customs check. The passengers were two Dutch citizens, who were heading to Turkey. They haven`t declared any goods, money, or currency valuables. During the customs check, in the clothes, belonged to one of the two man, were found hidden € 36 150. A pretrial procedure on the case was initiated by a customs inspector. The criminal proceeding was taken by the District Prosecutor`s Office - Slivnitsa and it has ended with a sentence. The currency was confiscated in favor of the country.

From the beginning of 2014 until this moment, during eight cases, the customs officials at BCP Kalotina have seized € 651 795, which is equal to 1 274 800 BGN. All the cases were ended with criminal proceedings for the offenders, initiated by the customs inspectors of Stolichna Customs House. Later, these criminal proceedings were brought to effective convictions, given by the Slivnitsa District Court, with assistance of the prosecutors of the District Prosecutor`s Office - Slivnitsa. Thanks to the adequate interaction between the investigating customs authorities and the competent accusers from/of the District Prosecutor`s Office - Slivnitsa, the sanctioning of the crimes against the currency regime of the Bulgarian country is one of the most effective proceedings.