671 pairs of counterfeit sneakers were seized by the customs officials at BCP Kapitan Andreevo



With the oncoming of autumn, the number of the detentions of counterfeit sports shoes at BCP Kapitan Andreevo goes up. Only for the last few days the customs officials have found and seized 671 pairs of counterfeit sneakers with labels and logos of the brands "Nike", "Adidas" and "Converse".

The biggest quantity of seized sports shoes is 280. The sneakers were detected during the customs check of a Bus with Turkish license plate, travelling through Bulgaria and heading to Romania. All the counterfeit shoes were found in the personal luggage of a female with a Romanian citizenship. Another big quantity of fake sneakers was ascertained in the baggage of a Bulgarian woman, who was driving a vehicle with a Bulgarian license plate.

All the sports shoes were seized on allegations of violating Intellectual Property Rights. In compliance with EU Regulation № 608/2013 and the Law on Brands and Geographic Indications the case will be assigned to right owners of the relevant trademarks.