85 560 liters of illegal fuel were seized by customs officers



Five mobile customs teams, together with inspectors of National Revenue Agency, have inspected six gas stations on the territory of Bulgaria in the last 24 hours. Three of them were in the area of Sofia and the other three - respectively in Elin Pelin, Plovdiv and Harmanli.

Infringements were ascertained in three of the inspected gas stations.

85 560 liters of illegally stored and traded fuel were seized. Documents that already have been used for deliveries to other gas stations were presented as actual on two of the inspected locations - in Sofia and Plovdiv. There were confiscated respectively 18 000 and 28 560 liters of fuel. The rest 39 000 liters were seized from a gas station in Harmanli. For that fuels there were no information in National Revenue Agency. The type and quality of the fuels will be examined.

The inspections of fuel trading places are continuing.