Customs officials at BCP Gyueshevo found bundles of currency notes inside red and black pepper packages



Bundles of British pounds packed in red and black pepper packages discovered the customs officials at BCP Gyueshevo. The currency was found inside a Romanian citizen`s car, who has been trying to transport it from Romania through Bulgaria and Macedonia, to England. The unusual route, that has been taken, made the customs officials select the vehicle for a customs inspection. Even though the check with a detection dog didn`t show anything suspicious, the customs authorities initiated an x-ray examination. During this customs check, inside the two back car fenders and also in the dashboard of the automobile the customs officials found tape wrapped packages of currency.

Underneath the tape, the bundles of British pounds were sprinkled with ground red and black pepper, in order not to be detected by detection dogs.

In the end £ 15 940 in total was found and seized.