The customs officials at Varna West Port found and seized a container with unreported materials for cigarette production



A container with unreported materials for production of millions of peaces of cigarettes was found and seized by the customs officials at customs office port Varna West. It has arrived from Dubai and it had to be delivered to Poland. Using the method of "Risk Analysis" the container was selected for a customs check. During the inspection, it was ascertained that inside the container were conveyed 90 bobbins with 1,8 million meters of plastic foil, 234 bobbins with 421 000 meters of silver foil, 20 spools with 200 000 meters of plastic foil, 60 bobbins with tens of thousands of meters of filter paper, 220 cases with nearly 4 million cigarette filters and 18 small containers with almost a ton of glue for cigarettes.

The container and the unreported good were confiscated.

The investigation on the case is continuing.