The customs officials found and seized undeclared currency for over 1,1 million BGN at Kalotina BCP



Undeclared currency for over 1,1million BGN was found and seized in four cases by customs officials of "Combating drug trafficking" department at Kalotina BCP.

Around 12 AM the customs officials selected for a customs check a leaving the country luxury automobile with German License Plate. The vehicle was driven by a German citizen of Turkish origin. The driver stated that he had nothing to declare. However, the executed customs inspection ascertained € 399 500, hidden behind the upholstery of the dashboard. The money was wrapped in plastic bags. Another € 6 000 was found in the clothes of the driver.

A few hours later the customs authorities at Kalotina BCP found undeclared € 21 500. The owner of the money this time was French Citizen of Turkish origin, driving a luxury car with a French License Plate.

Days before that the customs officials at Kalotina BCP discovered undeclared € 80 000 in an entering the country van with German License Plate, driven by a German citizen of Turkish origin. € 50 000, divided into five packages and wrapped in tin foil, was found under the roof upholstery of the vehicle. Another € 30 000 was discovered in the document bag of the driver.

Twenty minutes later the customs officials at Kalotina BCP inspected an entering the country luxury car, driven by Ukrainian citizen. In his clothes, and also in his handbag, the customs officials found $ 50 300 and € 9 650.

Pre-trial procedures were already initiated.

The total amount of money which will be added to the government budget is over 1,1 million BGN.

From the beginning of the year over 3 million BGN have come in the Bulgarian government budget, owing to the successful actions, conducted by the customs officials of Kalotina BCP against offenders of the Currency Law.