24 336 liters of illegal fuels were seized by the customs officials at Ruse Customs House



24 336 liters of fuels with an unestablished origin and without documents, proving that the excise tax was paid, were seized during an operation conducted by the officials of "Customs intelligence and investigation" department of Ruse Customs House. As a result of the inspections, made in different entities suspected of illegal fuel trade, the customs officials ascertained violations of the Excise Law in seven locations. In three truck parking areas the customs authorities found out illegally stored fuel for sale without documents, which can prove that the excise tax was paid. Marked fuel for heating, illegally used for vehicle refueling, detected the customs officials in a warehouse in the town of Popovo. In other three spots, which trade with excise products, was ascertained that the stored fuel doesn`t match up the submitted documents.

The money from excise taxes, which hasn`t been entered in the Government budget, is in amount of 19 185 BGN. Administrative offence acts will be issued for the violations. The sanctions for the violators will double the amount of the avoided excise tax.

The illegal fuels were confiscated.