The customs officials at Sofia Airport Customs House seized 599 forbidden for import in EU turtles


599 turtles, which are forbidden for import in EU, were found and seized by the customs officials at Sofia Airport Customs House. The turtles have arrived in Bulgaria on a foreign flight from Singapore. According to the documents, the shipment should have consisted of 13 special containers, loaded with ornamental fish. The shipment has been sent by a foreign company and it has been intended to be received by a Bulgarian company. Using the method of the "Risk Analysis" the customs officials selected the shipment for a customs check. During this inspection it was ascertained that one of the containers was full of turtles, instead of ornamental fish. The turtles were approximately 1 month of age. According to the expert opinion the turtles are omnivorous and they can eat meat. The seized turtles are an invasive species and could present a threat for the local species. That is the reason why the turtles were taken from the customs authorities and were given to Sofia Zoo. A statement for violation of the Customs Law was issued against the offender.