Customs officers seized 10 tons of illegal alcohol near Sofia


After using the Bulgarian Excise Centralized Information System (BACIS) and its "Risk Analysis" method, and after operative actions conducted by the mobile teams of the "Customs intelligence and investigation" department, an illegal movement of ethyl alcohol was detected near Sofia. The customs officers stopped truck with a Bulgarian License Plate, resembling of a refrigerated truck. During the initiated customs inspection the customs authorities discovered that the vehicle was loaded with ten one-ton reservoir tanks filled with 95, 8 % vol. ethyl spirit. The driver has submitted fake documents, for which the quick revision which the customs officials made, has ascertained that they have not matched up the real information about the truck, the dates of the transportation, the quantity of the alcohol, etc.

The owing excise for the seized alcohol is in amount of 105 000 BGN. The truck and the driver were detained. The illegal good was seized and samples of it were taken in order a laboratory analysis to be made.

 Only for the first ten months of 2014 the customs officials have seized 114 332 liters of alcohol. This quantity is 50% more than the quantities of alcohol seizures from the same period of the last year.