1000 liters of illegal alcohol were seized by customs officers near Sofia



After using the method of the "Risk Analysis", conducted by the "Customs intelligence and investigation" department via the Bulgarian Excise Centralized Information System (BACIS), and after operative actions of the mobile customs teams, an illegal movement of ethyl alcohol was detected near Sofia. The customs officers stopped a small truck with Bulgarian License Plate. During the initiated customs inspection the customs authorities discovered that the vehicle was loaded with a one-ton reservoir tank filled with 96 % vol. ethyl spirit. The driver has submitted fake documents with incorrect information about the dates of transportation and about the recipient.

The owed excise tax on the seized alcohol is 11 000 BGN. An administrative offence act will be drawn up for the double amount of the excise duty.

The truck and the illegal good were detained. Samples of the ethyl alcohol were taken in order to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Immediately after the seizure the mobile customs team has entered the tax warehouse for which it was assumed that the seized illegal alcohol had been removed from. The customs authorities have ascertained that the missing quantity of alcohol in the depot was in the same amount like the one, discovered in the truck. There were other violations which have been detected in the tax warehouse.

The customs officials have seized 117 066 liters of alcohol for the first eleven months of 2014. This quantity is 40 % more than the quantities of alcohol seizures over the same period of the last year.