An Illegal gas station with 38 590 liters of fuel was discovered near Sofia by the customs officers of Stolichna Customs House



Customs authorities discovered an illegal gas station with 38 590 liters of illicit fuels near Sofia. After analyzing gathered intelligent information, officers of "Customs intelligence and investigation" department of Stolichna Customs House inspected a place, in which unregulated storage, distribution and trade of excise goods were ascertained.

The illegal gas station was positioned in a container. There were also a few cisterns and a truck, meant for storage and transportation of fuels. A van with a gas dispenser and equipment for loading vehicles inside it, used as a mobile gas station, was also discovered there.

38 590 liters of fuel were seized as a result of the inspection. There were no documents which can prove that the excise duty was paid.

Samples of the fuel were taken in order a laboratory analysis to be carried out.

The investigation on the case is continuing.