Nearly 5 kg of opium was detected and seized by the customs officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP



The customs officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP detected and seized nearly 5 kg of opium, concealed in a horse head sculpture. The substance was discovered during a detailed customs inspection of an entering the country truck with Iranian License Plates and driven by an Iranian citizen. The driver had been conveying 152 gypsum sculptures of people and animals. Owing to the initiated X-ray inspection, inside one of the sculptures - a horse head, the customs officials discovered 9 packages of dark brown resinous substance with a total weight of 4, 8 kg. It was later proved that this was opium.

During a specialized operation, conducted on January 20th 2015 by officials of State Agency for National Security, two Iranian citizens, one of them - resident, were detained while waiting to receive the shipment. The one of these two and the driver were charged and arrested for the period of 72 hours. The case was submitted to the District Prosecutor`s Office. A Pre-trial procedure was initiated.