Smuggled cigarettes, hidden inside the roof cavities of a passenger bus, were seized by the customs officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP



A passenger bus with Bulgarian License Plates, carrying smuggled cigarettes, concealed inside cavities of its roof, was seized by the customs officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP. The vehicle, driven by a Bulgarian citizen, was travelling from Bursa to Kardzhali. The customs authorities at Kapitan Andreevo initiated a detailed customs inspection of the bus, during which the smuggled cigarettes were discovered. They were hidden in cavities at the roof area of the vehicle. 3 530 packs of illegal cigarettes, mostly of the "Prestige" brand, were discovered and seized from the bus.

An administrative offence act was drawn up.

Exactly 14 administrative offence acts have been drawn up by Svilengrad Customs House and 5 300 packs of cigarettes have been seized by its customs officials for the last three days.