A depot for storage of illegal spirit and cigarettes was discovered by a mobile customs team in the village of Katunitsa



A mobile customs team discovered a depot for storage of illegal spirit and cigarettes in the village of Katunitsa. While inspecting an auto base, located in the village, the customs officers found an unregistered refrigerated trailer with loaded on it two one-ton PVC containers, altogether full of 1500 liters of 96, 5 % alcohol strength spirit. The owner of the illegal good was ascertained and he had not presented any documents, proving that the excise duty was paid. The owing excise duty on the seized quantity of spirit is in the amount of BGN 16 500.

In the same property, next to the refrigerated trailer, the customs officers discovered also a locked "Fiat Ducato Maxi" cargo van. After the vehicle was opened, it was ascertained that it was loaded with 16 400 packs (328 000 pieces) of „President Slims Super Light" cigarettes, all with the „Duty Free Sales Only" inscription and without banderole. The owner of the cargo van was detected.

The spirit, the cigarettes and the cargo van were seized. A Pre-trial procedure was initiated.