Rousse customs officers found one ton illegally fuel and homemade petrol station on truck parking



Verification of the Customs Ruse found one tonne of fuel without documents of origin and duty paid in the extension to the restaurant, located in the territory of truck parking "The mussel" on the main road Ruse-Sofia.

An unidentified oil product was divided into plastic pallet container, three tubes and metal barrel. Customs officers discovered the container and improvised device - counter flowing through liters of fuel. The owner of the facility is 38-year-old S.I. Not for the first time customs officers found illegal fuel in his property.

About two years ago customs imposed penalty of S.I. for such amount of illegal fuel. He exercised his right of agreement, paid the fine, and the price of fuel and excise and get it returned. Several times after this during inspections he tried to legitimize the found levels as a residue of fuel returned after punishment. It has been proven that they are other than fuel, for which he was penalized. For another case, without showing any document, SI again tried to slip the old version. All 950 liters were seized and samples are sent for analysis.