Golden jewels and coins were detected and seized by the customs officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP



Officials of a mobile customs team to the Central Customs Directorate detected and seized 374 grams of gold in jewels and coins at Kapitan Andreevo BCP. The valuables were found in an entering the country from Turkey automobile with Bulgarian License Plates, driven by a Bulgarian Citizen. There were three more passengers travelling in the vehicle. Using the method of the "Risk Analysis", the customs officials selected the car for customs inspection. During the search of a car, in plastic bags belonged to one of the passengers, 50 years-old lady from Nova Zagora, the customs authorities found 20 pieces of jewelry - necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It was ascertained that the adornments were of 14-karat gold. Among the other golden products the customs officials found also 10 22-karat golden coins. The total weight of the all detected jewels and coins is 374.09 grams, which is estimated at BGN 19 468.


The smuggled gold was seized. Its owner was drawn up an offence report for infringing the Currency Law and was imposed a fine in amount of from BGN 1000 to BGN 3000.