Smuggled cosmetics and perfumes were detected in a passenger bus at Kapitan Andreevo BCP by officials of National Customs Agency and Ministry of Interior



1401 cosmetic products and perfumes were detected at Kapitan Andreevo BCP during a cooperative inspection, conducted by customs officers of mobile customs teams to the Central Customs Directorate together with officials of Ministry of Interior. A passenger bus with Turkish License Plates, traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria, was selected for customs investigation by the officials of Chief Directorate "Combating Organized Crime" and mobile teams to the Central Customs Directorate. During the X-Ray and physical examinations of the bus, the customs officials ascertained that there was a stash under the bed of the driver, contained 1043 hidden counterfeit cosmetic products - creams, makeup accessories like powders, mascaras, lipsticks, foundations and blushers, as well as 358 perfumes and toilet waters, imitating the „Lancome", „Max Factor", „Chanel", „Estee Lauder", „Vichy", „Givenchy", „Paco Rabanne", „ Armani", and „ Nina Ricci" brands.

The driver of the passenger bus - a Turkish Citizen, has admitted that the smuggled cosmetic products and perfumes belonged to him.

The violator was drawn up an offence report for breach the Customs Law.