9240 cigarettes and 3.5 kg of smoking tobacco were seized by Ruse Customs Office last week



Inspectors of Ruse Customs Office seized total 9240 pieces of illegal cigarettes and 3.5 kg tobacco during a series of inspections in the last week. Two preliminary investigations and three administrative criminal proceedings were brought.

Total 4600 pieces of illegal cigarettes without Bulgarian excise stamps were found in a truck with Turkish registration, traveling from Turkey to Romania. The vehicle was stopped for checking the Danube Bridge checkpoint at the exit from the country. The driver stuffed contraband tobacco issuing from the factory cavity behind the driver's seat. Customs officers found 210 boxes "LM Red label" 100 mm and another 20 boxes "Marlboro" king size. All cigarettes were labeled "DUTY FREE". Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted against the driver of the truck.

Preliminary investigation for illegal possession of a large quantity of cigarettes without excise stamps is also brought against M.M. from village Zaraevo. Inspectors of Ruse Customs Office and police together have checked into his home and there they found a total of 3640 pieces of illegal cigarettes of the brands "MARBLE", "BOHEMI", "DON" and "SWISSE".

Car "Opel-Vectra" run by the R.V. was stopped to check on the main road between the town of Targovishte and Popovo. 800 cigarettes brand "FAMOUS" and 200 pieces of brand "SWISSE BLACK" were found in his car during an inspection by customs officers. The driver was penalized with a document for administrative violation.

Two traders from the villages Baniska, Ruse and Targovishte village Buhovtsi will be punished by administrative order for possession of smoking tobacco. Inspectors of Ruse Customs Office have found a total of 3.5 kg chopped tobacco without document for paid excise duty in their homes and commercial establishments. Excise duty on tobacco is over 500 BGN.