Rousse customs officers revealed incorrect marking of 132,000 liters of fuel for a ship



Rousse customs officers discovered illegal export of nearly 132,000 liters of diesel fuel for foreign ship which was not properly marked as required by the Law euromarkers Solvent Yellow 124 and Solvent Blue 79.

Thanks to the observation and quick reaction of the sector "Investigative Information and Risk Analysis" high risk operation has been detected. Customs team was sent to the place to check the unusually big fuel export to charge the passenger ship. During the inspection, officers from the tax warehouse present supporting documents that the product is for export and it is marked with an automatic marking system as it is tax relief. Laboratory samples found that the marking substance is much less than the required by law amount. It is enabling fraud and using the fuel as not intended. In this particular case, only the saved amount on diesel excise duty is over 85 000 lev, which will have to be paid by the owner of the warehouse.

Act established an administrative offense was drawn to the owner of the warehouse. He will have to pay fine of between 5,000 and 10,000 Levs, and the full amount of market prices of all the fuel quantity, totaled at  € 75,000.