A record-breaking number of smuggled anaboles was seized by the customs officials at Danube Bridge 2 Vidin-Kalafat BCP



14 820 ampoules with a market price of BGN 1000 each, were seized

Customs officials of a mobile customs team to Lom Customs House seized a record-breaking number of smuggled anaboles at Danube Bridge 2 Vidin-Kalafat BCP. The illegal goods were found in a freight van with Slovakian License Plates, transporting pallets of dog food to Slovakia. With a cooperation of the officers of Border Police-Vidin, the vehicle was stopped for a customs inspection. During the search of the van, the customs officials ascertained that underneath the dog food packets placed on two of the pallets, there were hidden cases containing ampoules of the hormonal preparation Norditropin SimpleXx 15mg/1,5ml - an anabolic steroid.

The number of the ampoules seized from the vehicle was 14 820. The ampoules were wrapped in a paper packages with written on them instructions for use in Turkish.

The customs officials have ascertained that the company which was the sender of the shipment didn`t exist and the van and the smuggled goods were seized.

The market price of a genuine ampoule of the same preparation is over BGN 1000.

The ampoules were sent to a laboratory for further testing, in order to be found out whether they are genuine, and whether the instructions respond to their content.