Counterfeits emblems for cars, perfumes and textiles were destroyed under the customs surveillance of Svilengrad Customs House



2 270 fake emblems for cars were destroyed under the surveillance of Svilengrad Customs House. Auto emblems with the logo of famous brands „Volkswagen", „Seat" and " Honda"  were  destroyed  by mechanical crushing. 876 perfumes and eau de toilette  with the logo of famous brands  „Paco Raban", „Nina Rici", „Calvin Klein", „D&G" also were destroyed  by mechanical crushing. In the procedure were included 173 fake textile products. Shirts, sweaters, shirts and jeans with the logo of  famous brands „Tommy Hilfiger", „Gucci", „Polo", „Armani" and „Lacoste"  were cut.

All the products were intended for sale on the Bulgarian market, and also in other EU member states.

The above mentioned imitation products were seized by the customs officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP, during attempted violations of the Law on Brands and Geographic Indications. The rights owners of the affected brands were informed about the seizures.