Rousse customs officers seized 24,000 contraband cigarettes and perfumes, shoes, clothing and auto parts


Rousse customs officers seized nearly 24,000 pieces of illegal cigarettes and a large quantity of fake goods. The total value of the products is about 60 000 BGN. The large amount of smuggled goods were found in two international buses traveling from Istanbul to Bucharest.

Both vehicles were undergone thorough inspection at the customs hall of Danube Bridge BCP. The first bus was stopped near the town Byala. The vehicle and all individual bags and bundles were passed through customs scanners. 1000 boxes / 20,000 pieces / cigarette brands "Karelia Slims", "Pall Mall", "Parliament", "Ome", "L & M", etc., all labeled "DUTY FREE", were found and seized during the inspection. Illegal tobacco products were found in hiding places and in the personal luggage of 5 passengers.

The second bus was stopped on the track "Exit" on Danube Bridge BCP. During the check customs officers found 423 perfumes and toilet waters, nearly 300 sports shoes, over 200 bags, shirts and knitwear products. Moreover, the bus was filled with a large amount of diverse parts for cars. Expert assessment of all the goods amounted to about 60 000 BGN. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted against the bus steward Y.CH. who recognized that the goods are his and he wore them at the request of Romanian clients.