Over 3 million counterfeit cigarette packages were seized by the officials of Danube Bridge 2 Vidin-Kalafat BCP



Today, in the area of Danube Bridge 2 Vidin-Kalafat BCP, a mobile customs team to Lom Customs House, cooperated by officers of Border Police-Vidin, stopped a truck with Lithuanian License Plates, in order to conduct a customs inspection. The vehicle was transporting packaging paper to Lithuania. During the detailed search of the truck, in the cargo compartment trailer, the customs officials discovered 33 pallets, loaded with packages for cigarette packs and "LM" cigarette boxes. The total weight of the pallets was 22 tons. It was ascertained that the detected cigarette packages were counterfeit and illegal, which was the reason why they were seized in a warehouse to Lom Customs House. The rights owners of the relevant trademark were informed about the seizure and gave their permission for it.

3 million cigarette packs and boxes for them can be produced from the materials of the seized shipment.