Customs officers seized 60,000 cigarettes without excise stamps in a van from Greece on the Danube Bridge BCP


Customs inspector at Danube Bridge border checkpoint seized 60,000 cigarettes without excise stamps tonight. The tobacco products were traveling in the load compartment of the bus "Renault" with Romanian registration coming from Athens. Initially, the driver said that the four bags had been given to him in Greece for transport to the recipient in Romania, but he had no idea what are their contents.  After conducted operative-investigative activities the driver of the van confessed that cigarettes are his. Pre-trial proceedings were instituted against him. All detained cigarettes are branded "777" and "RGD". Total 3 pretrial proceedings for holding and carrying smuggled cigarettes are formed in Customs Ruse only the last 5 days. Total amount of the illegal cigarettes is 65 000 items. The most common offenders are truck drivers who buy tobacco products in large quantities of duty free shops.