Romanian attempt to export 1800. wine "for personal use" Bulgarians exported 120 bottles of rakiya to Germany



Rousse customs officials found 900 bottles of two liters of local wine in the trunk of Romanian van. The driver, a Romanian national. tried to export them through the Danube Bridge checkpoint without the legally required simplified customs document. The man was carrying the alcohol in commercial quantities explaining that it is for personal use. Although wine has a Bulgarian excise stamps, quantities for commercial purposes can leave the country only with a simplified accompanying document. The Romanian citizen is penalized for an administrative violation.

A fine for a similar infringement was also imposed on the driver of a lorry traveling from Bulgaria to Germany with two passengers. Customs inspectors from the Danube Bridge checkpoint found 120 bottles of 0.7 liters rakiya in the cargo compartment of the vehicle. The driver and two passengers also tried to convince customs that all 84 liters rakiya are for personal use. Under the law a person is entitled to 10 liters concentrate on leaving the country to another European country. For quantities above this the product must have a simplified accompanying document. Ultimately, the driver is also penalized by an act establishing a customs violation.