Bulgarians hide in secret compartments large quantities of cigarettes to Germany



Vehicles equipped with specially adapted caches transported cigarettes in commercial quantities to Germany. This revealed Rousse customs officers. Only a day with the help of X-ray systems, customs officers detected two identical cases in two trucks on the Danube Bridge checkpoint. Traffickers have tried to bring a total of 2,300 boxes of cigarettes of different brands, all with excise stamps.

Both drivers were punished with administrative acts for the transfer of commercial quantities of cigarettes without a simplified accompanying document. Fine of 1,000 Levs will be imposed on each of the drivers due to hiding places in the vehicles. In repeating the same offense, by the Law vehicle, will be confiscated.

We remind travelers to Germany, that from 1 January 2014, Germany imposed restrictions on citizens from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia, and from July 31, 2014 and also for Croatia, which could bring the country 300 pieces (15 boxes) of cigarettes for personal use rather than limit, which allowed up to 800 pieces.