12 000 bottles of vodka, meant for sale on the UK market, were seized by the customs officers in the area of Danube Bridge 2



Around 5:30 PM on July 15th a mobile customs team to Lom Customs House stopped for a customs inspection a truck with Bulgarian License Plates, driven by a Bulgarian citizen. According to the documents, submitted by the driver, the vehicle was transporting textile products and apple juice from Bulgaria to the United Kingdom. The sender of the shipment was an Italian company. During the detailed customs search of the vehicle, the customs officers discovered pallets, carrying white unmarked cases. The exact number of the pallets detected is 16 and each pallet was loaded with 125 cases. The customs officers ascertained that each case contained 6 bottles of vodka (700 ml). All the glass bottles were bearing a name Belwederska vodka. There were no excise documents or banderoles. There was information, printed on the labels of the bottles, saying that the vodka was made in Poland and meant for sale on the UK market. The total weight of the illegal good which was found, is 14,4 tons (8400 liters of vodka).

A Pre-trial procedure was initiated. The illegal alcohol and the truck were seized.