347 bottles of vodka, bearing suspicious banderoles, and 2480 illegal packs of cigarettes, were seized by the customs officers at Danube Bridge 2



A mobile customs team to Lom Customs House, with the cooperation of the Border Police-Vidin, stopped for a customs inspection two cargo vans and a bus, trying to leave the country through Danube Bridge 2. The vehicles (all three with Bulgarian License Plates) were driven by Bulgarian citizens and were heading to Sweden. During the detailed search, in one of the vans were found 29 cases of glass bottles of vodka, bearing the name „Lithuanian Vodka".

The customs officers ascertained that each case contained 12 bottles of vodka (700 ml). All the detected bottles of vodka were bundled with a Bulgarian excise banderole, but their authenticity was not proved. 243,6 liters of vodka in total were seized from the van. In the same vehicle the customs officers found also 560 packs of illegal „American Legend" cigarettes. 430 packs of cigarettes of the same brand were found in the other cargo van.

During the search of the bus, the customs officers discovered 1490 packs of illegal „American Legend" cigarettes. Three Pre-trial procedures were initiated. The excise goods, one of the cargo vans and the bus were seized.