Customs officers at the Kaptain Andreevo BCP discovered gold jewelry, illegally carried by Bulgarian citizens



Smuggled gold jewelry discovered and seized customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo BCP. The jewelry was found in three passengers, two men and one woman, in Bulgarian car, traveled from Turkey. By the method of "risk analysis" the car is selected for inspection. In the course of a personal examination of the lingerie of the two young men the customs officer found plastic bags with a total of 584.4 g gold jewelry. In the bra of the woman the customs officer found 243 g gold jewelry. Of the lingerie of the three are taken out 66 rings, 30 bracelets, 28 earrings, 8 necklaces and 5 gold chains, and 5 gold pendants, total 142 jewelry of 14 carat gold with a total weight 827.4 g and worth 43 024 BGN. The smuggled gold jewelry was seized.