Customs officers from Ruse found illegal cigarettes in beautifully packaged children's clothes



Customs inspectors from Customs Ruse seized 490 boxes smuggle cigarettes. Most of cigarettes without Bulgarian excise stamp. They were hidden in boxes of children's kits, packaged as gifts.

Two Syrian nationals with documents for the status of temporary residents in Romania came to the track "Exit" on the Danube Bridge checkpoint. They traveled by car "Peugeot" with Bulgarian registration. The first 70 boxes of cigarettes "OSCAR Super slims silver" marked DUTY Free,  customs inspectors found in a suitcase. Another 420 boxes were found in the beautifully packaged children's clothing in the trunk of the car. One of the Syrians admitted that cigarettes are his,  purchased from the duty free shop in Turkey.

Inquest began in Ruse Customs Office in this case. Accused of smuggling foreigner is arrested detention center by a prosecutor for 72 hours.