Inspectors of Customs Ruse prevented an attempt to excise fraud with fuels from Romania amounted to 16,000 Levs



Fraud in the import of petroleum products from Romania was prevented by customs officers at border checkpoints - Danube Bridge. Inspectors of Customs Ruse stopped a tanker entering the country with approximately 25 tons of fuel. Petroleum products came from Romanian oil base and was intended for a large trading company in Bulgaria. Customs officers found that a large quantity of excise goods enter the country without documents required by law. The inspectors took a sample of petroleum research at the customs laboratory and vehicle and fuel were seized.

After awaiting the results of laboratory analysis it is estimated that the excise duty payable on fuel amounted to 16 000 Levs. Meanwhile, the receiving company in Bulgaria has sent notification that they waive receipt of the goods "for commercial reasons". They have indicated another buyer who wanted to buy fuel instead the first mentioned in the import documents.

The new client stated willingness to pay excise duty and to obtain the fuel and the tank. In this case, however, he will have to pay a fine as well. The fine is 32 000 Levs - double the amount of excise duty.

Customs Ruse investigate whether this is accidental either a scheme that has acted until now.