Two seizures of illegal cigarettes at Kapitan Andreevo BCP



170 packs (23 400 pieces) of illegal cigarettes were seized during a collaborative inspection between customs and border police officials at Kapitan Andreevo BCP. The illicit tobacco products were discovered in an entering the country from Turkey Mercedes C 220 car with Bulgarian License Plates. There were two people traveling in the vehicle - a man (the driver)  and a lady, both Bulgarian citizens. During the search of a car the customs officials found travel bags, full of illegal "Karelia" cigarettes. The driver admitted that the tobacco products belonged to him. He was drawn up an Administrative Offence Act. The illegal cigarettes and the car were seized.


In another case of seizure at Kapitan Andreevo BCP, the customs officials discovered 190 packs (3800 pieces) of smuggled cigarettes, hidden in a secret place in the rear bumper of a vehicle, which was entering the country from Turkey. The car was with Turkish License Plates and was driven by a man - Bulgarian citizen, accompanied by a woman, also a Bulgarian citizen. It was ascertained that the illegal cigarettes, which had been found, belonged to the lady.

The driver and the travelling with him woman were drawn up Administrative Offence Acts in compliance with the Customs Act.