Underground stations are found in bus and warehouse of company for the supply of fuel for ships



Inspectors from the department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" at the Customs Ruse unveiled two underground stations for fuel. Both are owned by the same company licensed to bunker ships. One fuel station is housed in the van of the company and can hold up to 4,000 liters of fuel. The station was equipped with a pump and a "gun" with an attached counter.  At the time of inspection, however, the four containers were empty. Other unregulated fuel station was located at the base of the company in the storage room.

The customs inspectors found there a system of two interconnected one-ton containers filled with 1000 liters marked diesel fuel. Both containers were operating on the principle of communicating vessels, apparently to fill and empty easier. The system was also coupled with a dispenser for reporting fuel. Separately in the same room customs officers have found full of fuel metal barrel with a capacity of  215 liters.
The total amount of found and seized fuel is 2210 liters.


The check was drawn up. Fuel samples were sent for analysis in customs licensed laboratory.  Administrative penal proceedings will be initiated in the case.

Other three cases of attempted fraud by improperly marked fuel for loading ships are detected by Customs Ruse. The perpetrator is the same licensed tax warehouse, who two months ago was caught loading the foreign motor ship with 132 000 fuel having incorrectly placed marker.  

During the three consecutive checks, it was detected that a total of 118,396 liters of fuel for bunkering of ships gone out of the warehouse.

In the three cases were made laboratory analysis. They proved that required by law markers Solvent Yellow 124 and Solvent Blue 79 are far below standard. Due to that quantity excise duty amounts to over 75 000 lev. Also the owner of the store will have to pay the equivalent of sold incorrectly marked fuel plus a fine. Acts of administrative violation were handed on the owner of the warehouse.