Rousse customs seize 140 kg of tobacco for nargile on Danube Bridge checkpoint



Family traveling from Turkey to Austria trafficked illegally 140 kilograms of tobacco for nargile. This revealed inspectors from Customs Ruse under thorough inspection of the car, which the family traveled. The check was carried out at the customs hall of Danube Bridge checkpoint on Saturday afternoon. The trunk of the vehicle was covered with packs of flavored tobacco for nargile brand "AL Fakher". The commodity was covered with bags and Their belongings.

Customs officers discovered  total of  235 packages. 135 of them in packs of 1 kg and 100 other package contains 50 grams of nicotine product.  In the confession of the driver of the car,  he purchased the goods from Turkey with intention to placed in Austria.

Investigating customs inspector was informed about the case. Inquest for holding and transfer of excisable goods without excise stamps is formed in Customs Ruse. The value of the seized amount at market prices is approximately 10 000 lev and excise duty payable amounted to 21 280 Levs.