Customs Ruse check small distilleries for alcohol, 15 offenders were caught for a week



Customs Ruse started action of verification of specialized small distillation of ethyl alcohol. 38 registered sites were checked only last week. It was found that 13 of them do not comply with the requirements of the Law for Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act. In some of objects customs have revealed more than one violations. A total of 15 administrative punitive acts were drawn up.

Manufacturers of homemade Rakia fails to comply with the law to complete a declaration before the beginning of the distillation process. In practice, the absence of this document allows for abuse. The penalties provided for such offenses is a fine of 500 to 2,000 lev. At this moment already four offenders have benefited from the right agreement and have paid fines totaling 2000 Levs.

Officers of Customs Ruse conduct checks of signal for illegally distilling Rakia also. Two illegal distilleries were found and confiscated.

Total 1527 liters illegal Rakia were detained from the beginning of the year until September at the territory of the Customs Ruse.

Campaign of Customs Ruse continues in the coming months, when it began active distilling Rakia from grapes. Estimates are for large yields of grapes this year.